The QuickBooks courses are organized into 10 modules.

Here are just some highlights of each module:

Module 1: Setup & Settings

  • Setting up your QuickBooks® file – get this right from the beginning to save future headaches!
  • A review of the software settings and the best way to set them up
  • Setting up your “chart of accounts”
  • My #1 tip for keeping your QuickBooks® secure
  • Why and how to backup your QuickBooks® file automatically

Module 2: Sales Tax, Products/Services, Classes, Attachments

  • Put sales tax calculation, collection, and tracking on auto-pilot. Get this right from the start!
  • Add and track the products and services you sell
  • Create “product categories”
  • Learn how to use “locations” and “classes” in order to categorize your transactions
  • Attach files to transactions for better record-keeping.

Module 3: Vendors, Accounts Payable, & Inventory

  • Setup new vendors
  • Set vendors up for 1099 tracking to save time and money at tax time
  • Enter credit card expenses
  • Enter invoices and record payment for vendors
  • Create Purchase Orders and receiving reports
  • Use POs to quickly match and enter the corresponding vendor invoice
  • Track the quantity and cost of inventory (and cost of goods sold)

Module 4: Customers, Accounts Receivable, & Estimates/Proposals

  • Setup your customers and clients
  • How to enter daily or weekly sales summaries
  • Record refunds and credits to customers
  • Create invoices that can automatically be emailed to customers
  • Send invoices in a format that customers can actually use to pay you by credit card or bank transfer
  • Record receiving payment from customers against their invoices
  • Create estimates or proposals
  • Use those estimates/proposals to create invoices with just a couple clicks!

Module 5: Banking and Reconciliations

  • How to balance and reconcile your bank accounts including tips and tricks to make it easier
  • Record bank deposits in QuickBooks®
  • “Write” checks out of QuickBooks® or enter checks you’ve handwritten
  • Print checks from QuickBooks®
  • Record transfers between accounts
  • Import transactions from your bank to speed up your bookkeeping and improve accuracy

Module 6: Reporting

  • Overview of the report center and guide of the reports QuickBooks® offers
  • Introduction to reading the P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Using and customizing the P&L and Balance Sheet
  • My favorite customizations to quickly assess company or budget performance from the P&L

Module 7: Automation

  • Never waste your time manually re-creating a custom report over and over again!
  • Setup regular expenses to enter automatically without even having to think about it
  • Get your daily sales summaries or customer invoices 95% automated so all you have to enter is quantities
  • Set QuickBooks® to automatically create and even email invoices to customers

Module 8: Payroll

  • How to add payroll to QuickBooks® and get it setup
  • Add new employees quickly and easily
  • Run payroll for hourly or salary employees with different taxes or benefits
  • Record payment of payroll taxes or benefits
  • Use QuickBooks® to help prepare payroll tax forms

Module 9: Journal Entries and Budgeting

  • How to record Journal Entries in QuickBooks®
  • How to add your Budget to the QuickBooks software
  • Keep track of your actual performance annd compare it to your budget

Module 10: Loans and Fixed Assets

  • Learn how to set up various loans such as a long-term loan or a line of credit
  • Record monthly loan statements with principle and interest
  • Automate some of your monthly loan statement entry
  • Record the purchase of a fixed asset like a building, land, equipment, or a vehicle the RIGHT way
  • Record and automate your monthly depreciation on those fixed assets

I also offer a quiz and Certificate of Completion at the end.

Each module contains much more than just what’s listed here. While Module 7 especially focuses on automation, tips to make QuickBooks® more efficient are shown throughout the entire course. There are a number of ways to automate as you go, and I try to emphasize these.

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